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Thoughts Of You

I awake to the dawning of a new day with painted skies, and thoughts of you. I roll out of bed in my usual way, and thoughts of you warm my day. I walk outside to greet the first rays of the morning sun, and its warmth reminds me of the woman of you. My mind and heart gets lost in thoughts of you.

I see others laughing and smiling as I go on my way, and I stop for a moment with thoughts of you, giving thanks for the lady of you. To see the smile on your face, and hear the laughter in your heart, is what I look to, and listen for, as I pass by the crowded streets, wondering if by chance or fate, that one of the people is indeed the person of you.

I see others holding each other close hand in hand, and I wonder if you can feel me holding you close as the man I am. I wonder if you can hear me whispering your name, as thoughts of you fill me from sunrise to sunset. Can you hear me in my silence, as thoughts of you transform into a tender wave of song washing over you?

BasicGreatGuy 2007


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