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BasicGreatGuy's Quotes and Poems
The following quotes and poems, ( as updated ) were written by me BasicGreatGuy ( Robert S. Nowell III). They are copyrighted. They are not to be used in any way, without my express permission.

"Dreams are heavenly whispers from above, that both tickle and awaken the longing of our soul. Dream with your arms stretched outward, your heart open, and your spirit looking upward. It is then that you will see the endless beauty and joy of your dreams transformed from mere visions, into the blessings of love".

"If flirting with you is fun, may I forever laugh".

"If love is a gift, that is to be freely given, without pretension or condition, why do we hold onto it so?"

"If love is the drink of man, let me forever drink from the depths of your soul. May I forever swim in the deepest parts of your heart, kissing the cracks that humanity has left there in its callousness".

"Let your actions be the light that illuminates your integrity".

"Love is my lighthouse. I will traverse whatever seas there may be, in order to find the right harbor for my heart and soul."

"Love is reaching deep inside someone's soul, and kissing them so deep inside, that they are never the same".

"The depth of one's words sheds light on the quickening of the soul".

"The essence of a relationship is exchanging the clothes of the heart with one another, wearing them so close to your soul, lest you miss the blessing of communion".

I was Created

"I was created in His image to speak.
His love and understanding that I do seek.
May my life not be one of things left undone,
but may my life be seen as deeds that were done.

May I live my life not as a period
of those who have gone before me, or the comma
of those who had not the
strength to continue on,
but let my life, and my love,
ring as proudly and true,
as the voices of a thousand song birds.
May my life, and my love,
always be filled with gentleness,
as the sweet morning dew.

Say not to me you but love me,
but so live because you love me.
It is not me that you must live for,
but love that commands us all."

The Canvas of My Heart

"If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart with all the glorious impressionistic shading and hues of Monet, Seurat, and Boudin, I would paint for the world, the colors of my heart, and how they all blend together to create the blessing, the friend, and woman of you.

If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart, I would color it with whimsical shades of morning glories dancing in the sun of our friendship.

If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart, I would color it with purple lilacs and lilies, to show how much passion, and beauty, the flowers of you have grown in the summer fields of my life.

If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart, I would color it with burgundy and crimson roses, each one planted, and watered, from the soft gentle drops of the tenderness of you.

If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart, I would fill the sky with song birds. For every time I think of you, my heart sings.

If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart, I would fill the sky with white billowy clouds, slowly drifting to and fro, smiling down upon you wherever you may go.

If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart, I would place within it, a secret lake filled with compassion, strength, and understanding, that you could immerse your heart and soul in, when the days of your life are running long, and you barely have the strength to carry on.

If I could lay color to the canvas of my heart, it would be filled with all the colors that you have shared with me, in the person of you. I just wanted you to know, that I thank God for the woman of you."

BasicGreatGuy 2007


~Paint your love story neverending Robert. Your sense of love carries life to every word and makes them embrace the reader like the comforting arms of a true love.

Amazing voyage through your beautifully intense and soulful mind. Thank you for letting me share the trip. I am spiritually richer for it~

February 2, 2008 at 11:34 AM  

Beautiful words. Thank you.

July 3, 2014 at 12:59 AM  

'The Canvas of My Heart' is so beautifully written and intense. Oh, to be loved like that... There is no greater feeling in the world than to be loved, deeply.

July 5, 2014 at 10:50 PM  

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