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Have you ever felt as if you were just drifting through the pages of your life? When is the last time you actually stopped, and listened to the song playing inside of your soul?

We live in a fast paced, got to have it now, ready in two minutes world. Most people wake up each day, and they are off and running like Olympic sprinters. Their daily life is so cluttered with work schedules, errands, and activities,(that are meant to help them decompress from their microwave life ) that they have scheduled themselves right out of not only living their life as they have wanted, and dreamed of, they have lost the ability to hear the music of their own soul. They have let life become a duty, instead of a loving blessing each day. They have become slaves to the very kinds of things, that they sought freedom from, when they could actually hear their own soul singing.

How many precious moments have been lost in your life each day, because you were too busy to listen to the calling, and song, of your own soul? How many precious moments have been lost in your life each day, because you didn't have the time to share your 'soul song' with those around you?

Have you lost the joy inside of you lately? Do you feel like you are living under the circumstances of day to day life, instead of riding above them? If you feel this way right now, or have several times before, its because you were too busy to enjoy those special moments that are ( at least they should be ) a part of our life each and every day.

Having an abundant, joyful life, is not about conquering the tasks, and obstacles, that may come our way. Having an abundant, joyful life is about being able to share with yourself, and others, the song of your soul.

Listen to the song "Drifting" - Andy Mckee ( check my music links ). I want you to ask yourself, "What kind of song am I creating inside myself right now? Is it one that sounds like morning rush hour, or is it a song that the angels would be proud to sing?

If you can't hear your 'soul song', chances are those around you can't either.

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