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Do you want love in your life?
It has been said, that love is a many splendor thing. For most of us, it is the one thing in life that we strive to find and embrace. At the same time, many people find it and then turn away from it, because it seems too real, as if they were wishing for love never really believing it would ever happen.  Love that is genuinely expressed becomes something that is shunned, and often replaced with a relationship that is routine, predictable, and convenient. 

Is it love itself that scares people so much, or is it the vulnerability and sacrifice that is a part of love, that scares many people to the point of embracing relationships that aren’t truly fulfilling, just so they can see the routine instead of living the love that they claim to want in their lives?

Love shouldn’t be an ideal or an experience that is scary. It shouldn’t be a dark cloud that constantly hangs over us due to bad experiences in the past. If a person doesn’t believe he or she will ever experience love, they are conditioning themselves to prevent love from entering their life. Many people do this by creating walls around different areas of their life. Many people try to control when and to what extent they will allow love in their life, especially in the deeper parts of their heart that they don’t like to talk about much less feel. Love doesn’t work that way. 

When a person, in thought or through actions, tells another, that he or she wants love in their life but under very limited conditions, what that person is really saying is I don’t trust you, believe in you or myself enough to give love a chance to grow. And over time, a person that treats love and others in such a manner becomes very cynical and closed off. And the more they see or feel love in their life, the more they push those people away who represent the very kinds of things that they claimed to want in the first place. 

Have you been hungry for love in your life? If so, how many walls have you created around yourself daring someone to break through? Do you want to truly experience love in your life or just  talk about it as if it were nothing more than an empty dream? 

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